Monday, August 22, 2011

Ruffled Clutch

This little clutch has been my go to for a quick and easy present or just something to sew when time is short but I feel the "need" to sew something.

You can add pockets, dividers or leave it blank inside and they are still great.

I made them a couple years ago for my Moms for Mother's Day.  (here!)

I've filled them with essential baby medicine and given them as baby shower presents.

I've even given them with nothing in them and they are still just great.  If you haven't made one, you really should. :)

Go here for the tutorial.


The Hasletts said...

You know that you could make your sister one if you are just needing to sew... :)

*aNdY* said...

I agree with what she said !!:) I do like the color of the top one!!