Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Want This Wednesday

This has been on my "want" list for...well almost 3 years now.  I'm super excited to say that my dreams/wants/desires/wishes...have come true (well in two weeks they will)!

No, I didn't win the lottery.  Starting April 9th, I will be a Stay at Home Mom and I couldn't be happier or ask for anything more.  It's so hard leaving my 2 little angels everyday and to have somone else practically raise them.  Now the pressure is really on to make sure they're good girls because if they're bad I can only blame myself. :) 

I'm so grateful for opportunities that have allowed me to stay home and grateful that my husband works so hard and wants me to be at home so bad.  Yippee!

So now we'll get to eat lots of  this:


And do lots of this:

And just have a good time.  And hopefully I can get some more stuff in my shop and be able to make a little side money so that I won't have to go back to work. :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Time is Coming

We've watched Tinkerbell a lot the last couple of months.  If anyone every says anything about when Spring Time is coming, I always think about Tinkerbell.  If you've seen the movie you'll probably understand.  It reminded me of the Tinkerbell costumes that I made for the girls for Halloween last year.

I took a shirt/onesie to make a pattern for the bodysuit.  I gathered the front a bit to give it the true Tinkerbell shape.  I made a leaf like pattern for the skirt then gathered and attached the "leafs" to elastic.   You know those annoying clear straps that come in your shirts...the ones that you're suppose to use to keep your shirt on the hanger...yep, I used those for the straps.  They were a little difficult to sew with and by the end of the night they were saftey pinned in place but they still looked pretty cute.

I made the wings from hangers, white tights and some spray glitter.  I used the plastic straps again to attach them.  The shoes were my favorite part of the costume.  I loved the sparkly pom poms.  I was pleased with how they turned out.  It took longer than I thought just because I had so many little distractions from my super big helpers.

Welcome Spring Time!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Something new to the shop

I've added another apron to my shop.   Check my shop out here or by going to the "My Shop" tab at the top.

You can tie the bow in the front (like the pictures) or in the back. It is double lined which gives the back a clean look. If you would like one with different colors, just let me know.

Here is another example of an apron I've made.  My mom, sisters and myself served at a lunch for my Brother's wedding.  I made all of us matching aprons.  It added to the decorations at the lunch and was nice that we didn't get food all over our clothes.  If you would be interested in something like this, let me know some colors and we can come up with something great.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Want This Wednesday

So I'm getting a little tired of all of the cold weather.  (It's snowing again today.)  I'm ready for it to be warm.  I would really like a cute new swimming suit for this summer...and the body to go with it too.

But for now, I'll just look at swimming suits and worry about the body another day. :)

Like this little striped number

Or this cute black and white one

Or how about this black and white one

So many cute ones out there. It's a good thing that I'm pretty cheap and don't want to see myself actually in the suit.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Shop!

Check out my shop!  I finally have something in it. Yippee!  I have more to add...just need to get some pictures taken.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tool Belt

One of my nephews turned 2 this weekend.  He loves tools and usually has a screwdriver in his hand (banging on furniture or his sweet sister).

Every little carpenter needs a tool belt.  Here's what I came up with.  I made it out of canvas.  It's actually pretty sturdy.  Each pouch has 2 pockets to store "things" in.  (My little girl said that she would put lip gloss and her wand in the pockets.)  Plus it has a loop for a hammer.

Happy Birthday Travy!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Are you Feelin' Lucky?

I wanted to do something cute for the girls to wear for St. Patrick's day.  A couple of days ago I saw this tutorial to make these shirts. 

Cute Right?

So I tweaked it a bit and came up with this.

(Please excuse the poor pictures and bad shadows.)

I would recommend that you water your bleach down just a bit.  I didn't and I was worried that I was going to end up with White pants.  I would also recommend using dry letters.  I was lazy and used one set of letting for both.  I would also recommend using card stock.  Again, I was lazy and used one of those coupon flyers that I get every week from JcPenney's.  The color from the flyer bled onto the pants a bit.

Fun project though...Oh and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Want this Wednesday

I'm going to "try" to post something every Wednesday that I have on my Things to Try list/Someday I'll get this list.

(This post is coming a day early because tomorrow is St. Patty's case you've forgotten!)

My darling husband got me this camera for Christmas.  Yes!  I was a little shocked but super excited.  It came with the generic/boring strap.  It doesn't have much style...I'll be makes me feel like I'm an old man photographer.  What's a girl to do?

Make a camera strap of course.  So I went out searching for ideas and found some great ones.  (Go here and here.)

So here are just a few straps that I like.  Enjoy!

I love the Yellow and Grey together.  Found at PhatStraps

This Ruffle one is calling my name.

Or this orange one.  (Love the picture.)

Here's a great tutorial too!

I could keep going but you get the point that there are some neat ideas out there.  Someday I'll get to this but until then...

My little boring strap and I will keep attempting to take pictures.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Matchy T-Shirts

It's been super busy around my house the last couple of months. My little brother got married in February. We were busy with decorations and sewing and planning get the idea. The last couple weekends have been full of cheering, screaming and yes, a few tears of joy. My little sister is a Junior in High School and plays basketball. Her team is doing pretty good. They've made it to the State Basketball Tournament which is this weekend. We're all super excited.

So of course we have to make matchy shirts for everyone in the family. We cut the letters using my mom's Cricut! It was super easy and fast.

We used Heat N Bond to put the letters on the T-Shirts. It actually was pretty fast and cheap considering that we made 15 of them in sizes ranging from 12 months to Men's Large.

Go Auntie!  You can do it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cookie Handout

I'm over the lessons at church. On Sunday I needed to teach the lesson. The lesson was on Agency. I talked about baking cookies and how we have a recipe to follow. During the lesson, I made some "yummy" looking cookies which consisted of incorrect ingredients. (The ladies thought it was funny but I think they're just nice.) For my handout I made these for each lady.

It was super easy. I used a snack sized zip lock bag but a jewelry bag would probably work better. I just hot glued the paper on. It was fast and easy but still looked presentable. (The cookies were yummy too thanks to the help of my husband and 2 year old super helpful daughter.)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Avoiding Debt

I was a bit of a slacker during the month of February...actually there was a lot going on...I'll use that excuse. February's visiting teaching message was about avoiding debt. I found this really cool site called See Me Visit Teach. She has some great ideas for handouts.

Here's my knock off her her handout found here. I couldn't find chocolate coins anywhere so I had to settle with some flashy gold coins. It was super easy and gets the message across. (Sorry about the poor picture. Still trying to learn how to take good midnight.)