Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stamped Necklace

So between my sisters and sisters-in law and mothers...I have lots of girls to get birthday presents for.  It would break the bank to buy big presents for everyone.  So each year I've tried to think of something I could make all of them.  This year was the year of necklaces.  (Last year was aprons.)  So I've made lots of necklaces this year and this is the only one that I've gotten a picture of. 

When I went to make this one, I couldn't find my "E" stamp.  Everything that I could think of stamping had an "E" in it.  I was bummed that I couldn't do what I had in mind.  I had this rectangle already stamped so it was my only option...but I like how simple it is.

It's what a really feel for my lil' sis.  I guess sometimes simple is better and makes a statement.

I used this for the back closure.  They're a little hard to get on but I think they look neat.

Happy Birthday Whit.  Love you and Miss you!

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WhItNeY SuE said...

I absolutely LOVE it too!!! Thank you thank you!! Miss you too!!